Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place!
Welcome to Make This Moment Count, lovely x
In a nutshell, Make This Moment Count is all about conquering time to create happiness.
It’s based upon this sneaky little truth:
Time = Balance = Happiness.
You see, if you expertly manage your time, you can then achieve balance and that’ll mean - hip, hip, hooray! - you’ll experience more of the good stuff – the big HAPPINESS.
So, in a nutshell, you need to conquer time, if you want to have a shot at balance and happiness.
In theory, it appears so simple. Simply tame time.
In practice, it’s a completely different story.
How on earth do you create more time when your life is already bursting at the seams?
Well, lovely, that’s where Make This Moment Count comes in.
If you’re struggling to juggle it all and are missing out on living your best life in the process,
Make This Moment Count will help.
Like a heck of a lot.
And the best bit?
Make This Moment Count is created with the understanding that time is of the essence and you need practical, implementable stuff that’s going to work, like, yesterday.

C’mon, Superwoman! You’ve got work to do.
Let’s start with the TIME part of the Happiness Formula. YOU NEED TO CREATE TIME. Time for pleasure and time for dream chasing x
Next, comes the BALANCE component of the Happiness Formula. Now that you have created more time for Pleasure Pockets (doing things that bring you pleasure) and Pleasure Packs (doing things that move you closer to your dreams), you can master balance.
And now we arrive at the final component of the Happiness Formula - wonderful HAPPINESS. A much happier you and a much happier life x


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